Moss Out!® For Lawns


Kills moss in lawns so that grass can grow into a thick lush turf.

Works faster than granular moss killers.

Liquid penetrates easily into the moss, killing it quickly.

Hose 'n Go® Moss Out!® For Lawns

Quart Ready-to-Spray

Fast Acting
Hose 'n Go® Moss Out!® For Lawns is the fast, easy way to kill moss in lawns. Once moss is gone, the grass is free to grow and thrive.

No Mixing
This easy-to-use container attaches right to your garden hose, so there is no mixing!

The moss in your lawn will turn black and die within hours. The grass will gradually fill in thin and bare spots. You can help it along by adding Lilly Miller® Ultragreen® or Super Sweet lime, that's right for your yard.

Moss Out!© 5 in 1 Broadleaf Weed & Moss Killer

24 fl. oz.

Kills Moss and More
Controls disease, weeds, moss, algae & lichens in turf. Kills moss and weeds, not lawns!

Fast Acting
See results in hours!

Moss Out!® Lawn Granules

20 lb.

Kills Moss Quickly
Moss can be quickly killed with applications of Moss Out!® Lawn Granules. Killing the moss gives grasses a chance to "reclaim" the lawn.

Turns Lawns A Deep Green Without Excess Growth
Lawn moss is a common problem in many areas. Moss thrives in damp, shady lawns where the soil is acidic and drainage is poor. Under these conditions moss can spread into areas where grass once grew. Moss can take over a lawn if steps are not taken.

10% Iron & Less Mowing
Moss Out!® Lawn Granules has 10% iron to kill lawn moss and green the grass. Because no fertilizer is added you get the moss control and greening without excessive growth that requires frequent mowing.

Moss Out!® Plus Fertilizer

20 lb.

Benefits of Use
Controlling moss and fertilizing will make your lawn vigorous and strong, and less susceptible to further moss invasion.

Special Combination of Plant Foods
Moss Out!®Plus Fertilizer is a special combination of plant foods formulated to control moss and promote strong, vigorous, lush green turf.

Fast Results
A few days after you have applied Moss Out!®Plus Fertilizer, the moss will die and turn black.

Moss Out!® Spot Treater Dry Formula

3 lb. Canister, 5 lb. shaker applicator

  • Ready-To-Use Granules
  • Kills Moss Quickly! See Results In Hours

Kills patches of unwanted moss